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IFLRY invites to Greece for GA-2017!
IFLRY invites to Greece for GA-2017!
Postcards to Europe from Ukraine with Love!
Liberal Youth Forum "Free Ukraine - Strong Europe" held in Kiev from 22 to 24 April.
Welcome to the V Liberal Youth Forum!
Ukraine meets Venstre Ungdom
Parliament, Danish Embassy in Ukraine, Reanimation Reform Package, East-SOS, Crimea-SOS, Free People Employment Center, Power of People Party, and....Carlsberg Ukraine. 10 young people from Venstre Ungdom, Denmark, decided to organise a study visit to Ukraine and see the real situation and relationships with EU and Russia on their own. As European Youth of Ukraine, Venstre Ungdom, youth wing of Venstre, Danish liberal party, is also member of European Liberal Youth (LYMEC).  And visit of Danish friend was very warmly welcomed in Ukraine.   They had official visit to National Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) and to the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine, where they discussed situation with internally displaced people, international help to Ukraine, diplomatical and legislative efforts of Ukraine to solve the situation. In the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine they were welcomed by Irina Beliayeva, who explained to the delegation, how Ministry cooperates with youth NGOs and youth sports associations, as well as what are main challenges for Ukrainian youth from Eastern part of Ukraine. Venstre Ungdom also visited several major initiatives of civil society sector, related to the topic of their visit. They visited East-Sos, Krym-Sos and Free People Employment Center: these initiatives involve thousands of volunteers, helping to Ukrainians who suffered due to occupation of Crimea and war at the Donbass. It is always useful to know how business feels in Ukraine. So Venstre Ungdom decided to see how Carlsberg corporation is doing in Ukraine. They visited beer production facilities, tasted Ukrainian beer brands, owned and produced by Carlsberg Ukraine. And in the end they even had an honour to talk to Evgeniy Shevchenko, General Director of Carlsberg Ukraine. Mr. Shevchenko explained challenges to business in Ukraine due to war conflict, advantages of business in Ukraine thanks to the huge market, and also expressed the will of more work to promote Denmark in Ukraine.
Three days of liberal Ukraine - IV All-Ukrainian Liberal Forum
On May, 15-17, European Youth of Ukraine has held its annual event, the IV All-Ukrainian Liberal Youth Forum, supported by D-66.   45 young and enthusiastic Ukrainians from various regions of Ukraine gathered in Odessa, the city at the sea, to discuss liberal perspectives for Ukraine together with Dutch, Ukrainian, and Lithuanian colleagues.  The Forum was held in the Days of Europe in Ukraine. “Odessa, as the key city of the South-East, was considered to be instable region for the state. However, this year it becomes strategic region for civil society, and European Youth of Ukraine was one of the first NGOs, who turned their attention to this region. We considered to have 35 participants, and we had over 100 applications. We turned to have 45 participants and 5 organisers, and speakers. The competition of applications allowed to have stronger participants more devoted to discussions” – said the head of EYU organization Anna Rogovchenko. Liberal Forum gave possibility for young people to know more. They were discussing what are liberal values most needed for Ukraine these days; how to match open society and freedom of speech with tough situation of informational war and occupation of part of Ukrainian land. Participants were greeted by Jonas Daniliauskas, Deputy Ambassador of Lithuania in Ukraine. Matthew Kwasiborski, US liberal, and experienced coach on leadership, presented AIPES international leadership programs and interactive games for building internal communication. With Hugo van Hastert, D-66 representative, participants learned about liberalism as progressive, innovative, environment-friendly party with experience worth to learn and repeat. With Oleg Friesen, young expert of Friedrich Naumann Foundation, participants learned about liberal thinking and liberal protest against nazi ideology 70 years ago. Jelena Jesayana from LYMEC Bureau discussed with participants the results of European elections, positions and strenghts of liberals throughout Europe. Well-known Ukrainian speakers were also present at Liberal Youth Forum, speaking about decentralisation and deregulation of state. Participants also had a chance to hear Denis Bogush, one of top ten polittechnologists in Ukraine, who shared his experience about campaigning, building political image etc. “One of the Forum ideas was not to make just one more event for liberals in Ukraine; but also gather people who are not that much thinking about ideology and ideological parties, those who tend to be more conservatives due to myths and stereoptypes about liberals. We consider we were successful at this point. We got new people from the cities where we do not have any represetatives of EYU, and we expect to enlarge our network now”, - has added Anna Rogovchenko. All-Ukrainian Liberal Youth Forum has proven to be an event strenghtening liberal position in the country, promoting liberal economy principles, building strong community of devoted liberals.
Tackling regional disparities in the EU (Fwd from Lymec)
Tackling regional disparities in the EU: Young Liberal Perspectives    Are you interested in regional policies and economics? Would you like to travel to Warsaw and be published? The European Liberal Forum is holding an event organized by LYMEC, in cooperation with Projekt: Polska, Institute Novum, Haya van Someren Stichting/VVD International and with the financial support of the European Parliament in late March.  The goal of this event will be to assess the problems and opportunities arising from regional disparities, and how to allow a harmonious growth throughout the European Union in the context of global challenges, such as free trade agreements with other parts of the world, technological developments and economic shifts like de-industrialization. Participants of the Warsaw seminar should apply between the 15th of January and the 13th of February with a text of at least five thousand characters on one of two topics: ·         Regional disparities: facts, problems and solutions ·         Getting back to growth: clues for Europe in a global economy We will select the authors of (up to) the best 20 texts to come to our event. We encourage everyone interested to apply. There are no participation fees. Participants will have food and accommodation costs covered during the seminar and will receive travel reimbursements of up to 150 euros above the first 50 euros of travel costs. Furthermore, the authors of the ten best texts will receive an additional 100 euros prize, regardless of travel costs. The ten best texts (five per topic) will be published in a book.
Christmas Miracle for children from Gulyaypole boarding school
Euroyouth now with the Head
Joachim Hesthammer: Finnish Experience for EYU
Chairman Iliashenko is now Ukrainian MP
Interactive seminar in Kharkiv
LYMEC supports European position of Ukrainians!
The statement of EYU concerning Ukrainian government decision to stop from signing the Association Agreement.
‘European Youth of Ukraine’ strongly condemns a sudden decision of Ukrainian Government to suspend signing Association Agreement between Ukraine and European Union since it is obvious that in ‘time trouble’ preparation for Summit in Vilnius under suspension is meant unilateral refusal. Such actions are diametrically different from European aspirations of Ukrainians. In the time when all the progressive civil society in Ukraine by all the methods promoted signing Association Agreement: actions, seminars, expert conclusions and common with European organizations resolutions for signing the Agreement. With this step the authority of Ukraine confirms its unpredictability, unreliability, lack of firmness in promises, tendency to double games and hypocrisy which is a shame of Ukraine on all civilized world. It is obvious that the current government of Ukraine stands for: - Against the FTA with the EU to fully open the European market for Ukrainian produces on the most positions. - Against clear and specific requirements for the protection of rights and freedoms of citizens, the administration of justice, anti-corruption, environmental protection, against all the European reforms. - Against the will and civilizational choice of the vast majority people of Ukraine. Choosing the wrong ideals of the other geopolitical union, walking on a leash manipulative threats and promises and some short-term concessions, Ukraine’s authority makes the biggest mistake in its history. The people of Ukraine will never forgive that.   Youth Liberal Organization ‘European Youth of Ukraine’
All News of EYU
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Interested in current Ukrainian security threats – and their global implications? What are the regional crises and conflicts and what impacts do they have on Ukrainian security? What reforms are being implemented in Ukraine to resolve the current crises? Interested in migration crises and gender equality issues? What does NATO do in Ukraine? These are just some of the questions the YOUNG UA Security Forum 2016 will examine and debate from 9th to 16th July 2016 at a Special Training Center of National Academy of Internal Affairs at Vita Poshtova, Kyiv, Ukraine. The week will host numerous diplomats, academics and researchers in order to ensure an insightful and exciting debate.  The topics will be presented through lectures, panel debates, workshops and discussion, and you will have an unprecedented opportunity to have a unique cultural experience in Kyiv, Ukraine. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Invitation here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6z8E5e30iK9MEtNeTlhaXdnUms  Programme here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6z8E5e30iK9MC1uQzRhbnN4NEE Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Dl1e1XvCRdcR3EE4bBeIji-bshOKmJKFC1l_h3Zq8bs/edit?usp=forms_home&ths=true
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International Federation of Liberal Youth, the worldwide umbrella for all young liberals worldwide, including European Youth of Ukraine, gladly welcomes you at General Assembly 2017: http://www.iflry.com/open-call-delegates-and-participants-for-our-general-assembly-and-seminar-in-thessaloniki-greece-june-2017/   Your questions concerning application on behalf of EUropean Youth of Ukraine are welcome on our official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/euroyouth.org.ua #EYU #IFLRY
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