The manifest



of the All-Ukrainian liberal youth organization 

“European Youth of Ukraine”



Adopted at the2nd EYU congress

24 November2007



The All-Ukrainian public youth organization “European Youth of Ukraine” (UPYO EYU) is a All-Ukrainian public youth organization which aim is to defend rights of Ukrainians, meet legitimate political, economic, social, and creative interests of the youth, as well as to spread general European liberal values.

We recognize democratic order to be the best and the only possible among all the other systems in state governing. We think a well-developed public society is a necessary characteristic of democracy; therefore we aim to ensure the realization of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution of Ukraine, other legal acts that guarantee private and political rights, free economic activity on the competitive market basis. All these aspects are important constituents of a public society.   


We are convinced that Ukraine is a European country and has every right to become a full member of the EU and the NATO. We consider Euro- and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine to be a natural process of our state’s returning to the European continent, in a politic sense.


MainAims of Activity


Freedom and Responsibility:

As a liberal organization, we consider freedom to be the main value of every individual and society in general. Maintenance of interests of every citizen is the primary task of a state. Having experience of living in the authoritarian Soviet Union, we can state that a country must exist for its citizens, but not citizens should exist for the fulfillment of its interests. Personal freedom cannot be limited by anyone, except some cases mentioned in the Constitution of Ukraine, freedom also cannot be achieved through infringement of personal freedom of other citizens. Our activities are aimed to protect freedom of speech, meetings, access to important information from different and alternative sources, freedom of religion. We dispraise any kind of discrimination: racial, linguistic, ethnic, national, religious, gender, social, and economic. 

On the other hand, we are aware of the fact that freedom causes responsibility. Every citizen, social union and a state must be responsible for their activity or inactivity in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, international treaties ratified by the Parliament of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine. We do not identify freedom as lawlessness and admit responsibility as an essential part of freedom.


Contribution to Democratization and Rule of Law:

We are aware of the fact that Ukraine is a young democratic European country which needs further development and consolidation of achievements gained during the democratic changes and Orange Revolution of 2004.

One of the main priorities of the EYU’s activity is to encourage Ukrainian citizens to take active part in social and political life of our country. Authorities’ responsibility towards its citizens can be provided only by public control over the activities of bodies of power, with the help of free-developing mass media, expansion of new communication technologies, political education on the basis of European liberal values. The main democracy characteristic is believed to be the principle of rule of law. The EYU supports every initiative directed to the establishment of the independent judicial branch of power in Ukraine.      


Extension of Market Economy:

The EYU believes that private ownership is one of the basic constituents of democracy. We are in favor of restructuring the economy of Ukraine from centrally planned into competitive free market. The EYU also realizes the importance of small and medium-scale business development in creation of strong society and democratic changes. Our organization supports the idea of expansion of the basic principles of the European Communities over the whole European continent. The EYU shares the principles of a social state that must provide a proper level of life for all Ukrainian citizens. In order to improve the social protection system, the EYU supports the development of private initiatives in this field.


European and Euro-Atlantic Integration:

The EYU considers the EU to be a good example of independent states union with the aim of common development, stability, and security. We support the idea of multiculturalism and tolerance. We also see Ukraine as a possible full member of the EU and realize that before joining the EU Ukraine must achieve proper European standards in all spheres of social, political and economic life.

We also consider the NATO to be a warrantor of peace and security round the European continent, therefore we fully support Ukraine’s joining this organization. We think Ukraine’s membership in the NATO will help its integration in the EU.  

European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine is one of the main aims of the EYU.


Development of the Potential of Organization Members:

Wekeeptotheideaofcontinuouslearning, thereforewethinkourorganizationworksaseffective means of personal development of each member. Work in the EYU is an opportunity to gain experience in the sphere of active sociallife, as well as development of leader potential. These tasks we implement by working out educational and informative projects and seminars, taking part in conferences, exchange programs, etc. The EYU members try to realize their potential as much as possible due to the collaboration with the bodies of state power, funds, small and medium-scale businesses, other public and political organizations. We try to be an attractive organization for those who want to be engaged in public work in future. First of all, we try to be open and not to repeat our mistakes, as the youth is a power that can change a country.    

The EYU is a smart organization. This implies intellect, inventiveness, efficiency, reputation. We are keen on being such an organization. These are our principles of goal achievement. Being smart is a general approach to work. We are in a constant search for new ideas, solutions, methods, people, organizational approaches, partners. We are able and eager to change.


UkraineIs a European Country:

We live in a big European country, which has just begun its revival. Our common task is to build a well-developed democratic rich European country that will be native for every citizen of Ukraine regardless of their origin. We aim to create European standard of life in Ukraine. We consider Ukraine to be a country with great history, culture, religious diversity. The EYU is sure that united Europe is impossible without Ukraine’s full membership in it, as Ukraine combines various heritages of Central and Eastern Europe. We face challenges of modernization and implementation of important reforms in all spheres of social and economic life. We try to consider and follow the experience of other European countries and share common principles of democracy and market economy. We see joining the EU not as an end in itself, but as means of guarantee of democratic achievements and reforms on the basis of liberal values. Only together will we be able to provide security, stability and prosperity in our European home.

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