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Extract of the Statues on the Supervisory Board of the "European Youth of Ukraine"

6.12. The Supervisory Board  of the "European Youth  of Ukraine"

6.12.1 The Supervisory Board  of the "European Youth  of Ukraine" is created according to the decision of the Congress of the "European Youth of Ukraine".

The personal composition of the Supervisory Board of the «European Youth of Ukraine» is formed of leading figures in various fields of social and political life according to the proposal of the Chairman of the «European Youth of Ukraine».

6.12.2. The personal and quantitative composition of the Supervisory Board of the «European  Youth of Ukraine» is approved by the Organization’s Congress.

6.12.3. The Supervisory Board is elected for the period of powers of the Chairman and other governing bodies of the Organization.

6.12.4. The Supervisory Board elects its Chairman among its members.

6.12.5. The members of the Supervisory Board are enabled to participate in all the governing bodies of the «European Youth of Ukraine» as observers with the right to vote.

6.12.6. The Supervisory Board of the «European Youth of Ukraine»:
- provides the recommendations to the Congress, the Board, officials on the priorities of the «European Youth of Ukraine»;
- assists in conducting and implementing programs and projects of the «European Youth of Ukraine»;
- analyses the cooperation
perspectives between the «European Youth of Ukraine» and political parties and international partners.






Yarema Oleksandr: member of Supervisory Board

Executive Director of Ukrainian Reforms Supporting Fund

2005 - 2006 – Director of Youth Policy Department in Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports





Kostenko Oleksandra - member of Supervisory Board
The Deputy of Shevchenkivsky District Council in 2007- 2010, Staff Manager in the
Council Administration of Kyiv Shevchenkivsky District  in 2007-2010.



Ponomaryov Oleksandr - member of Supervisory Board, People’s Artist of Ukraine



Kravchyk Olesya - member of Supervisory Board

Magister in Academy of Labor and Social Relations of Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine
Member of the Board in 2007 - 2010, International Secretary of EYU from 2010 to 2011.



 Akulenko Lubov - member of Supervisory Board, The Head of  Secretariat of Social Expert Council in Ukrainian part of the Committee on Cooperation between Ukraine and EU.



Honchar Andriy - member of Supervisory Board, Director of O. Honchar Museum.



Hrynniv Igor - member of Supervisory Board, People's Deputy of Ukraine



Chubyk Andriy - member of Supervisory Board, Executive Director of Global Studies Centre (or Centre of Globalization) “Strategy XXI”.

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